Making an entire pieced top and seeing the words "quilt as desired" as the final instruction of a quilting pattern can be daunting. If you've been intimidated by the actual quilting in the past and you're looking for an alternative approach to quilt making, give my method a try. With my book "Quilt As Inspired," you'll take an idea or inspiration and make each section of the quilt separately, quilt it yourself on your home sewing machine, and then attach it to the main body of your quilt using one of the two methods given for a smooth and flawless finish. Available at in paper back and now on Kindle! Also available on my Etsy shop at AnnMyhreDesigns.

Zoo Nouveau

A Quilt As Inspired Quiltalong Project

If you're a Star Member of

with Alex Anderson and Ricky Tims,

you can get the patterns and videos to walk through

making this quilt. Find it on their website under the

Learn tab, and then hit Classrooms.

We created and quilted the zoo habitats in small sections

and then joined them as we continued

Ann Myhre