Ann Myhre

Opening and running my knit shop, Knitty Cat, for nearly 11 years, gave me the wonderful opportunity to learn more about knitting, crochet, needle felting, quilting, embroidery and beading. While I'm thankful for the days I spent at the shop, the experience I gained, and the lifelong friends I've made, I decided to close the business at the end of 2013 to pursue and exhibit my own personal artwork. I am also looking forward to teaching detailed techniques through books and patterns, online classes and retreats. My first book, Quilt As Inspired, Volume I, is now available through and shows over 20 techniques, including the quilting, and how to easily assemble your stitched sections.

I am also currently working on a series of art quilts playing with yarns, unconventional fabrics and unusual surface design together with incorporating traditional quilting techniques.

I gather inspiration from everywhere.