Hand Stitch Retreat

The Cabin At Trout Creek,

Buena Vista, CO

4pm Thursday, September 13 to

10am Sunday September 16, 2018


All meals, lodging, kits, instruction and camaraderie included.
No sewing machines necessary.

Lots of Creative Ideas

Inspired Stitching

Amazing Food


Chef Cathy

Lots of






root beer floats


plenty of laughter

The Hand Stitch Retreat
Adding embellishments and texture to your artwork truly brings individuality to your pieces and makes them special. But an even bigger benefit to hand work is the inner joy, meditative peace, and quiet to your mind as you stay present in your slow stitching. Many of the textures that bring a unique voice to your own artwork are best done by hand. In a society where everything is rushed and fast and machine-made, taking this time to slow down, enjoy your own human mark making and adding personal touches to your art will build confidence and help you find a path to what makes your heart sing.

The first evening we will get settled, get to know each other, and then create a journal with pages made from paper and fabric so you’ll have different textures to work on. I’ll show you how to bind your journal with the Coptic stitch. Throughout the retreat time, we will learn many stitches and techniques including embroidery, knitting, crochet, tatting, and oya to name a few. These techniques will be kept in your journal in an artful way so that you can have a place to keep what you’ve learned and start building your own personal stitch vocabulary. You’ll learn what you enjoy doing, and maybe what you won’t need to include in your repertoire of handwork. This journal will be yours to fill as you learn new techniques during and after retreat. And trust me. You won’t want to stop at just one journal. These are highly addictive and can tell a narrative of many different live events.

Why retreat?

Retreating is a time where you can escape the daily grind, relax in a nurturing environment, and make great new friends as you share ideas and techniques with each other. Taking this time to explore your own creativity without the distractions of daily living is the biggest gift you can give yourself, and it would be my honor to be a part of that.

If you would like more information and/or to sign up for retreat, hit the "contact me" page. I'd love to hear from you!

Amazing Works in Progress

By Amazing Students

Ann Myhre

The very first QAI Retreat, 2017

When I was asked by a quilter friend if I wanted to attend a 4 day workshop with artist  Ann MYHRE author of . "QUILT AS INSPIRED."  I was ecstatic. I've been around Ann Ann and her beautiful creations and yes, I wanted to be inspired.
I love the traditional quilts and earthy colors of nature.  I signed up for the retreat with 11 other students not really having a clue as to what to expect.  I know Ann from her beautiful colors quilting technique with paint, sequins beads,handmade application pieces throughout the piece of art.  This way of art quilt is very out of the box for me.   I decided I was going to be spontaneous and free spirited with my piece of organic sewing.
After a few pep talks from Ann I was ready and excited !  I sat at my machine and my quilting style and openness went on a creative roller coaster.  
With Ann's patience, I was successful during the retreat!   I came home feeling positive that I would see quilting in a new light.  I now have an open and willing heart to enjoy it again and again.  I still love the traditional quilting process, but am feeling grateful for having the opportunity to work with art quilt experience.
I'm looking forward to the next quilt retreat hosted by QUILT AS INSPIRED.   I was quite inspired by Ann and so appreciate her warmth, compassion, and kindness!

                                                                                Dede Webb, Evergreen, Colorado


I attended Ann's Quilt as Inspired Retreat this weekend and was blown away!  This was hands down THE BEST retreat I have ever taken. Ann provided individual attention and instruction to each participant throughout the weekend.  Her quilts are stunning and she is beyond inspiring.  In these few days I learned free motion machine quilting, how to use paint and other media on textiles, updated techniques for applique, and so much more.  It was a blast!  The format allowed me to push myself and create as I have been wanting to for a long time.  Ann is talented, generous, and a wealth of knowledge.  I want to do it again!

Tammy Shapiro, Colorado