Ann Myhre

Grant's Owl, 14"x22"

Inspired by a photo my son, Grant,

took of an owl sitting in our front

yard tree one morning.

Hummingbird, 22"x22"

A Quiet Morning on Papagayo, 30.5"x23.5"

Sea Creature No. 1.  12"x12"

The Ever Blooming Sea.  54"x46"

Universal Diversity 36"

Flowers on Courthouse Steps. 66"x93"

The other quilt in the "Quilt As Inspired" Volume I book. A more traditional setting plus quilt as you go.

Outfoxed. Queen.

Save the Bees, 25"x25"

Gifts From China, 39.5"x33" SOLD

Sea Dragons See Stars.  52"x52"

Reaching Out.  57"x69"

Vacation, 26"x26"

Paul, 24"x36"

The Nordic Log Cabin. 63"x82"

One of the featured quilts in my book "Quilt As Inspired"

Lots of techniques plus quilt as you go.

Threadsketch: Arizona. 12"x12"