Ann Myhre

Angela Stavropoulos, Colorado

Trische Robertson, Oregon

Leslie Courtnage, Colorado

Marie Benson, Santa Rosa, CA

Cheryl Spaans Peck, Iowa

Sarah McGeorge, Durham, UK

Jan McAninch, Ontario

        Karen Matze, US

     Kathy Casaubon, US

Naomi Lane, Little Common, UK

Rose Desmond, Colorado

 Jo Zielinski, Wagga Wagga, AUS

 Cathy MCclelland, Alberta

        Barbara Barnett, Austraila

Annabel Barber, Lincoln, UK

Here are the magnificent Mandala Unplugged Pieces that were hand made by members during the 2018 winter Cross Craft Sundays stitch along.

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        Nancy Earl, US

Ann Myhre, 2017

The test sample

Kathy Streeter, US

        Raven Veronica, US

Mary Howard, Vermont

Mary Rapp, US

Sue Glick, Texas

Ann Myhre, 2018

The stitch along sample

Judy Colby, US