Grab your dancin shoes and your new little hand crafted wrist satchel for a night out! I designed this little project as I'm always on the hunt for a sweet little evening bag to go out galivanting in style!

The base of the bag is made in crochet and in subsequent lessons you'll learn needle turn applique, dimensional applique, pompom making, beading, knitting, couching, embroidery and tassel making. I'll also be providing a pattern for a cross body bag made you can make with your own fabrics which will feature a flap that you can adorn with all the new stitching moves you can make! You can use a kit (available on my Etsy shop) or hunt for any scraps of yarns, threads, beads and fabrics you might have at home. A link to the supply and materials lists is provided below the images.

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Cross Craft Sundays is a series on my YouTube channel, Quilt As Inspired, where I share all kinds of different techniques for skill building. My favorite way to create is to make pieces that have a variety of materials and techniques for texture and interest.

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Ann Myhre

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IMPORTANT: Before printing, make sure in the print menu to choose custom size and type in 102%. Measure the outer light gray lines of the square after printing and it should be exactly 4.5"


Gypsy Satchel

Red Velvet



9 colorways